Fit for New Year: The Do's and Don’ts

Getting in shape for the New Year is on the top of the resolution list for most people. This leads to the question of whether or not Fitness should be on your list? We can agree that there are many positive benefits of working out, but what about the negative emotional damage of not reaching your fitness goals? Is the emotional stress of trying to abruptly change your lifestyle at the start of the New Year really worth what you’ll gain? The answer is yes for some and no for others. My approach would be to make small changes throughout the year to help set you up for long term success when it comes to your fitness goals. Below you’ll find a few of my Do’s and Don’ts for the New Year:

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DO: Create a few fitness goals for yourself that you would like to accomplish in the New Year. Pick SMART goals. SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. For example, I want to lose 10 lbs by March and I’m going to do that by working out 3x a week. The goals can be for weight loss, fat loss, eating better, moving better, or simply showing up. Decide what you’d like to focus on and write down 1-3 things.

DON’T: Decide to implement all the goals you wrote down at once. Instead, pick the most attainable and realistic goal to begin on the 1st. Think baby steps. For instance, if your goal is to eat healthier by eating more vegetables and eliminating sugar, than start day 1 by taking one sugary item out of your breakfast. That’s it! Don’t think about adding in the vegetables just yet. In doing so, you’re more likely to stick with your goal and continue to build on your positive habits.

DO: Have a support system. Find a friend or family member that can hold you accountable to your new goals. Getting a personal trainer or dietician may also be good ways to hold yourself accountable. Especially if you need help figuring out what are realistic goals for yourself.

DON’T: Rely on social media as your support system or compare yourself to people you follow on social media. Paying too much attention to social media while trying to reach your goals may lead you to feel under accomplished. Don’t let your perception of others hinder your perception of yourself.

DO: Reward yourself! Find some fun ways to reward yourself for staying on track with your goals. Maybe a new outfit or a special outing once you’ve hit your goal.

DON’T: Punish yourself. If you have a set back, just move on. Don’t make yourself do an extra workout or eat “punishment Kale” as a result. You’re human, so expect to have a few setbacks. It’s not the set back that will hurt you. It’s how you react to it.

DO: Start planning now! Sign up for your gym membership, get your workout clothes, buy equipment, stock your fridge with healthier options, throw out holiday treats, ect. Set yourself up for success in advance.

DON’T: Start Planning on January 1st! This will likely make you push the start of your goals to the following week or month. Commit to starting when you promised yourself you would.

DO: Expect for things to go wrong. Life happens and you can’t predict everything. So when you have a set back, don’t beat yourself up. Dust it off and make a new plan for success.

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"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

-- Winston S. Churchill


A fitness-focused New Year’s resolution that’s worth making.


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