4 Exercises to Do at Your Office to Help Relieve Low Back Pain

I know all too well about the struggles of dealing with lower back pain. As early as middle school, I started experiencing lower back pain. This was supposedly a result of carrying around a backpack that was too heavy and also participating in sports from a young age. My Mom took me to see several doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists in an attempt to figure out the cause and a solution to my back pain. Each time the diagnosis was “acute lower back pain.” This is basically a medical professional’s fancy way of saying, you have nothing structurally wrong with you and I don’t know why you’re experiencing pain. This diagnosis is usually followed by a prescription for pain medication to take “as needed”. Does this story sound familiar to anyone? If it does, than keep reading.

Brittany Noelle Youth Track Photo

I decided to become a fitness professional so that I could learn to move pain free in my everyday life and also to be able to help others do the same. I read many books, attended seminars, and spoke with some of the top professionals in the field. From that, I achieved my goal of learning how to successfully reduce my lower back pain. Instead of having a daily pain level of an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, I now have a pain level of no more than a 2 that only comes about after prolonged standing or sitting. I’ve helped many of my clients achieve similar results.

So what’s the secret? It’s not that your bag is too heavy or that you like to ski on the weekends, it’s that YOUR CORE IS TOO WEAK. It’s a pretty simple equation actually. The more core strength you have, the less back pain you’ll experience. Now what exactly is your core? Your core is composed of your abdominal muscles (the six pack we all crave), the muscles that surround your spine, your glutes, obliques, and a deep muscle that controls your breathing and protects your organs. Of those components, your 6 pack ab muscles are the ones you should worry least about. Focus less on aesthetics and more on function. The aesthetically pleasing 6 pack will come as a result if you eat properly.

So what are the 4 best exercises that you can do at your office to help you relieve pain. They are: Standing Bird/Dog, Wall Plank, Wall Side Plank, Standing Cat/Cow. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see the images below or watch my YouTube video. You can also perform these movements on the ground for more of a challenge. It’s just a little less awkward to do them standing instead of awkwardly kneeling down in your business clothes as your coworkers walk past your desk.

So I challenge you to try these 4 exercises every work day this week and let me know in the comments if you feel better after 4-6 weeks (results take time, sorry there isn’t a faster magic pill). You got this!

*By choosing to use these exercise suggestions you do so at your own risk. Brittany Noelle is not responsible for any inherent risks that the use of her programs or suggestions may result in personal injury or loss