October Favorites



This month, your goal is to focus on your core. Check the video below to see a few core workouts that can be done anywhere. I would recommend starting with 3 sets of 30secs for each exercise. Practice this routine 4-6 days a week to see signifiant core improvement . Leave a comment on this post if you find the workout to be helpful.


If you haven’t heard yet, Dunkin has added a new option to their menu that I think is pretty nice. They have added 2 burrito bowls called: the Fire Roasted Veggie Bowl and the Chorizo Bowl. I really enjoyed the Fire Roasted Veggie bowl because it was packed with protein, easy to eat on the go, and provided a balanced meal with the veggies being incorporated into the bowl. They’re only available for a limited amount of time so stop by your nearest Dunkin and try one out before it’s too late.


Halloween is my second favorite holiday, so I make sure to dress up every year since I love showing off my creativity. What good is dressing up if you have no where to go? So here are my top recommendations for Halloween festivities in Souther California.

1) Disney’s Oogie Boogie Bash. This event sells out fast so get your tickets quickly. It’ s so much fun for adults and children. I went with my 4 year old niece and had blast. I did a Disneybound as Princess Tiana and she went as a Pirate.

2) West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. The event is from 6-10:30pm and I would recommend taking an Uber/Lyft to about a 1/2 mile away and walking from there. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in traffic for a long time. I would also urge you to where comfortable shoes so that you can walk a few blocks to catch an Uber/Lyft when you’re ready to go home. It’s much easier than trying to catch an Uber in the middle of all the action. Additionally, come DRESSED TO IMPRESS. The costumes in the Carnaval are astounding. So be prepared.

3) Gaslamp District of San Diego. This area is so amazing because there are so many bars and clubs to choose from. You’ll see festive costumes all up and down the streets. I’d advise you to get to the area before 7pm so that you can have a chance of getting a seat a bar before it gets too packed.


I recently started using the Ultra Renewal Eye Cream from the new Countertime collection from Beautycounter. I turned 30 this month, and wanted to incorporate more ani-aging skincare products into mu routine to preserve my youthful looking skin. After just one week, my under eyes have never felt so moisturized! This product saved me from looking tired after a 10 hour flight to London and back. Best of all, this item is free from any harmful ingredients! Click here to visit my Beautycounter store and try this amazing eye cream for yourself!

Counter Time Eye Cream