August Must SEE'S

•Strengthen • Explore• Eat • Shop•


This month’s strength workout is one that can be done anywhere and without any equipment. It’s a full body workout that can completed in less then 15 minutes. I challenge you to head outside with a friend and workout together. Watch the video below for all of the details and then comment your thoughts please!


If you are looking for an exceptional vacation experience, then I would recommend visiting EPCOT at Walt Disney World! I say this because, you get to explore many cultures all around the world while being in one location. It’s truly a unique experience that your whole family will enjoy!

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy yourself while still remaining on track to hit your fitness goal:

1) Walk the whole park! You will burn a ton of calories walking around the entire park and visiting the various countries. In my option, Disney has done a fantastic job of representing each country. You truly feel transported when you visit each one so make sure not to miss anything!

2) Eat all the things!!! But do it in moderation. I tried a ton of desserts. However, I didn’t eat each thing in its entirety. I took a few bites to get an idea of the flavor and then shared the rest with friends. You have the option of indulging on your favorite, but you will notice that there are so many food options at the park that you’re more satisfied with nibbling on a few items as opposed to stuffing yourself with one. 

3) Drink plenty of water! It gets really hot and humid at the park during the Summer. Staying hydrated is going to be key for helping your body flush out all of the hardy food and beverages that you will consume 

4) Do a few squats and  pushups on the rails for a little exercise while you’re waiting in line for rides and/or food. You can even do a few bicep curls with the shopping bags that you acquire from shopping. There is so much shopping to be done in the various countries 😍.

5) Choose the healthier option when available. Even though there are plenty of amazing sweets at the park, there are also tons of healthy alternatives available for each meal. For instance, gran the brie, apples and cranberries in multi-grain bread from Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie if you plan on grabbing a chocolate eclair in France for dessert. Perhaps try the Southwest chicken salad, freshly grilled vegetarian "chick'n" breast with corn salsa, and red, white and blue salad with grilled chicken from Liberty Inn. You can also ask guest services for other suggestions on places with healthy options inside of the park. 

Comment below if you found this information to be useful!


If you love authentic Italian Food, then I would recommend visiting Da Michele in Hollywood! This place is renowned in Naples, Italy and the Hollywood location is their first US location. First of all, the atmosphere is beautiful. The patio really feels like you’re sitting in Italy on a lovely Summer afternoon. The architecture is of course a European style, and they are quint little tables surrounded by bright green foliage. The food is so flavorful and filling. I would recommend going with a friend and ordering a few dishes to so that you can taste the full range of flavors that the restaurant imparts onto your taste buds. I enjoyed the Margherita Pizza, Melazane A Funghetto, Spaghetti Alla Nerano (my favorite), and the flourless chocolate cake with gelato for desert! I unfortunately didn’t take any photos of my food because I was there with a friend and did not want to be rude. However, I promise to go back and take some photos for you all. In the mean time, check out their Instagram for photos.


The product that I recommend purchasing this month is the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil from Hourglass Cosmetics. It’s got incredible precision which helps you to achieve the perfect looking natural brow. Best of all, the brand is cruelty free and is free from many of the harmful chemicals fond in other makeup brands. You can purchase it online or at Sephora!