The 4 Things You Must SEE in April

  • Strengthen • Explore • Eat • Shop •


The strength exercise of the month is a 90/90 stretch to a Half Turkish Get Up. This movement helps to improve hip mobility, shoulder stability, and core strength. You can see my post on Instagram for more details.


This month I recommend exploring Redondo Beach, California. Unlike most beaches, you don’t need to hike down or across a lot of sand to reach the Ocean. The walking path is only a few steps away from the water. I personally hate walking in the sand, so I love that the path is close to the water. I can enjoy the view and ocean breeze, without the trouble of removing my sandals.

There are also many great restaurants on the pier that provide excellent views of the Ocean. Additionally, there are some great places to take photos if you are a tourist or content creator. It’s a beach worth checking out over your Spring break for sure.


I discovered a great Soul Food/ Creole restaurant in Mid City, Los Angeles called My 2 Cents. Their restaurant takes a healthier approach to classic Soul Food dishes and they even offer a good verity of Vegan and Vegetarian options. I’ve had their Shrimp and Grits a couple of times and each time they were amazing! Creamy, cheesy grits and well seasoned shrimp. The whole dish seems to melt in your mouth. I’ve also tried their greens which are okay in my opinion. They are vegan so they don’t include the animal fat that provides provides that additional depth of flavor that traditional southern greens have. Great if you want the healthier option, but I prefer my greens to have a little more fat. They also weren’t as spicy as I like, but adding little of their hot sauce fixed that.

I will say that their cornbread was also delicious! I wouldn’t mind having a few more pieces of that. Next time, I’ll also need to try one of their desserts. They offer a large selection of cakes, pies, and cobblers that are freshly made every day. Yummy!!!! When I’m not watching what I eat for a competition, I’ll give them a try and post my thought afterwards. Overall, I give My 2 Cents an A and would recommend that you stop by if you’re in the area.


The products that I recommend purchasing this month are the After-Alcohol Aid and Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) from CHEERS. Together, these two products have been scientifically proven to reduce the effects of alcohol. It’s great to use after a night of partying, or after one relaxing drink at home. No matter how much or how little alcohol you consume, recovery and rehydration are important things to keep in mind. Visit their website to learn more and also see my Instagram post!