Brittany's Top May Picks

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This month, I recommend you start incorporating more kettlebell movements to strengthen your whole body. I like kettlebells because they are more dynamic then dumbbells and allow for a variety of functional movement patterns. I understand that kettlebells can seem scary and dangerous at first, but they really are easy to use and safe once you learn how to use them properly. Check out my Instagram post to see a demonstration of 5 basic kettlebell exercises. If you are interested in one on one online kettlebell coaching, than click here for more information on custom personal training programs.


If you’re looking for a new fun place to eat, then I recommend Easy’s Dinner in Beverly Hills. It’s located inside of the newly remodeled Beverly Center and offers a spectacular view of Los Angeles. You can enjoy this amazing view while in a casual environment with lots of fun food for both adults & kids. They offer nostalgic flavors like a Hi-C mimosa and Cookie Monster Cookie Dough, My personal favorite was the Fried Chicken and Funnel Cake! I can’t say I made the healthiest choices while visiting (even though they do offer healthier dishes) but I have no regrets because it was all worth the calories! See more photos on Instagram by clicking here.


Memorial day is a popular travel holiday that happens this month. I would recommend traveling to Las Vegas, NV for the 3-day weekend. The pools will be open which means lots of fun day parties. One of my favorite places to go for day parties is Drai’s Beach Club (it’s an awesome Nightclub as well)! Their Beach Club offers a spectacular view of the strip and amazing hip-hop music. I would suggest making reservations ahead of time if you plan to go with a group. Also, it can get very hot in the Spring/Summer so if you can invest in a table with an umbrella, it will come in handy for sure. You’ll want to dress to impress, so ladies I would recommend purchasing a new bikini from Ravishsands to stand out in the crowd. Use code BNoelle15 to get a discount on your order.


We often hear about the importance of a customized workout program, but have you ever thought about getting a custom protein powder? I hadn’t until I heard about Gainful. Gainful carefully crafts a unique protein powder blend to fit your specifics needs. You take a short quiz on their website to determine what your body needs and then a registered dietician suggests a custom protein blend for you. You also have the ability to speak with your dietician to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you have. I had a few questions about my specific blend and my dietician got back to me within 48 hours! I was very satisfied with both their customer service and their product. I have been able to reach my fitness goals quicker and my body is recovering more effectively from workouts. See my post on Instagram for additional information and also visit the Gainful website.