Taste The Rainbow at Jame's Beach

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at James’ Beach in Venice. The food is always amazing and they serve excellent mimosa. My friends and I usually come a few times a year for celebration or just a nice brunch to catch up. For the month of June, they have made a special drink menu to celebrate Pride month. They have a rainbow of adult lemonades.! The flavors include: Prickly Pear, Orange/Lemon, Lemon, Cucumber/Mint, and Blueberry. I tried all 5 flavors (don’t judge me haha) and they were all refreshing and delicious. My favorite was the Prickly Pear followed by the Blueberry. I am not a fan of very sugary cocktails so i loved that these were very balanced with natural sugars and a very “adult” flavor profile.. The ingredients were vodka, club soda, fresh lemon juice, and fresh muddled syrups. The fresh made syrups were what made these drinks so amazing! For instance, the Blueberry Lemonade had fresh muddles blueberries which offered just the right mount of natural sweetness. Since the lemonades were light on the added sugar, they were pretty light on the calories. I would estimate no more than 150 calories per drink. Additionally, 15% of your purchase goes towards the Trevor Project which is amazing!

If you get a little sleepy after the lemonades, then I would recommend ending your night with a coffee martini. They are really cool looking and give you just enough of pick me up to end your night right. So, if you are in the Venice area and you’re looking for a place with a great ambiance and fantastic cocktails, then James’ Beach is your place!