Who knew I was a cow girl?

As a woman with muscle I often hate wearing jeans. I call them leg prisons because they’re very restrictive to my movement. I usually go about my day wearing leggings so the idea of wearing a fabric with no flexibly is not exactly exciting. Then when I think about a pair of jean shorts riding up my crotch, that is usually an even more of the horrid thought. However, I am pleased to say that I’ve recently gotten a new pair shorts from Wrangler. I discovered these shorts as a result of a controversy surrounding the brand’s decision to release a new line of clothing by rapper/ country music artist, Lil Nas X. In support of his song, Old Town Road. I thought that it was ridiculous that people were upset that the brand had launched a line because they said his music wasn’t real country music. I find what Lil Nas X is doing to be very beneficial for black culture and for country culture. A lot of black people don’t listen to country music so he has inspired some black people to start listening. Likewise, a lot of people who enjoy Country music may not listen to rap music. The song has given them an opportunity to get exposed to Rap music and Rap culture. Therefore, I think the song is a great opportunity to fuse two worlds that don’t always see eye to eye. That’s why I decided to support Wrangler and Lil Nas X by buying the shorts. It just so happens that I am pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the jean shorts are. I got a size 29 which was perfect for my smaller waist but large size thighs and booty. They are high waisted and are cheeky but without exposing any bottom butt cheeks (this is a hard task when you’re a Black Women). I also love that the brand is American made. I’m always in support of helping our economy grow. Here’s link to purchase the shorts, They sold out fast last time so get them while you can!