The Truth About "Booty Bands"

Booty Bands

Every day I see many people on Instagram and at the gym using mini resistance bands or “booty bands” in hopes of getting a bigger booty, or loosing weight. Most movements done with the bands are single joint movements. This means that you will be burning less calories than with multi-joint movements. So if your goal is to loose weight or body fat, than these movements would not be the best exercises to make up the focus of your workout.

A more effective use of the bands would be for activating weak or under active muscle groups before performing multi-joint exercises. You would want to use these bands at the beginning or end of your workout as opposed to in the middle of your workout.

What about using bands to build a bigger booty? Well, most bands aren’t going to provide the amount of resistance necessary to elicit the effects of hypertrophy (muscle building). Your glutes are a strong muscle group designed to generate a lot of power. Your booty will certainly feel fatigued when using booty bands, but your glutes won’t grow much in size. The fatigue is most likely the result of activating your underused muscles. Another effect would be building strength in your glutes, but not mass.

Now if you focus on multi-joint movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, and step ups, than you’ll have a better chance of not only building your booty, but also burning more calories to help with fat and weight loss. Now I understand that many of you may not feel comfortable performing these movement patterns on your own with heavy weights; This may be why you prefer to use the booty bands or machines. If that is the case, than I would recommend seeking the advice of a certified personal trainer like myself to help you gain more confidence with your form.


*By choosing to use these exercise suggestions you do so at your own risk. Brittany Noelle is not responsible for any inherent risks that the use of her programs or suggestions may result in personal injury or loss